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TAMI - TRADE Nis Manufacturing and Trading Company exists since 1991. Head Office and Sales Department of this successful Company are located in Nis at Durmitorska Street, and manufacturing plant that includes two well-equipped factories of 10,000 m2 surface is located on the road Nis-Leskovac-Brestovac. This is a family company which currently employs 90 full time employees. It has a metal plant with well equipped machine park. TAMI - TRADE manufactures products primarily for the upholstered furniture industry and covers a program that can meet all the needs of furniture manufacturers.
Department store is located right next to the production section, on the regional road Nis - Leskovac, and represents a unique example of modern retail in the environment. Here you can buy different household devices and appliances for equipping your home - electric household appliances, household lighting, furniture and various elements for equipping your living space. The sale is organized on the surface of 2000m2 within the fully equipped facility. TAMI - TRADE Manufacturing and Trading Company in Nis was established in 1991. Head Office and Sales Department of this successful Company are located in Nis at Njegoseva Street, and the manufacturing plant, consisting of two well-equipped halls, is situated on the road Nis - Leskovac in Brestovac village. Production units are located in several production halls where round 50 TAMI – TRADE workers are employed. Human resources of the Company are qualified for the hardest and most complex manufacturing processes.

EL. ING. Jovica Stojanović

4 Vojvode Gojka street, 18000 Nis

Motorway Nis-Leskovac, M. Tita 34


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Tami Trade Company was founded in the beginning of 1992. This successful family Company that currently has 90 employees, made its first steps in trade mainly by importing raw materials for manufacturing household appliances, TV sets and electric devices, as well by exporting the mentioned products to the neighboring countries markets.

Construction of the metal industry manufacturing plants at 7000 m2 surface with corresponding storage halls lasted until 1997. Mastering the production of metal products program linked Tami Trade directly with, at that time, prominent, leading manufacturers of upholstered furniture.

Thanks to the achieved quality and wide assortment of its products, Tami Trade made a strong step on German market by supplying it with school furniture program and chairs for restaurants, and in the same year it started capturing Macedonian and Bosnian markets, where the entire production program of the Company was exported.

Its first appearance at the Furniture Fair in Belgrade enabled the Company to establish new contacts with future buyers and to get acquainted with requirements and needs of the leading furniture factories at the Balkans. The next three years period was followed by participations at the world furniture fairs in Hanover, Berlin, Cologne, Thessaloniki, Bucharest, Milan, etc.

Tami Trade Company started construction of 5000m2 hotel complex at 98 acres land surface which was completed in 2009. Tami Residence Hotel Complex with **** 4 stars categorization, 70 rooms, congress center, sports facilities, started to work in September 2009.

Growing of the Company activities created conditions for employing 40 new employees of different profile for working at the hotel and factory. Since the Company was founded, this year was marked by expansion of the number of new employees. In the same year Tami trade invested into latoflex production line for the needs of its own production as well as further sale.

By many years quality policy, the Company orientation and objectives were defined for the forecoming period, that is, to achieve a leading position both at domestic and regional markets and continuous improvement in the quality of their service provision which requires new projects and raising the level of investment in modernization of production machines.